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With our community we want to contribute to the development of a world where all beings can live together in peace, trust, freedom, joy and connection.


Creating, cultivating, supporting, encouraging, allowing and developing:

We aim at creating a large community (minimum of 25, maybe up to 100 people) with transparency, truth and trust at its core. Cultivating non-violent communication, mutual support and conflict resolution and supporting the healing of wounds, shocks and trauma in each individual. Supporting the deployment of each person’s potential. Celebrating life in all its manifestations, Dancing, singing…

We say Yes! to the body; Yes! to the mind; Yes! to the spirit!

We want to be a community of people who are committed to taking care of ourselves and our development towards more consciousness, light and love. We aim at a sexuality that is conscious and free from fear and conditioning, and with the freedom to experiment.

We want to practice meditation, tantra, yoga, massages, deep listening and creative conscious expression.

We want to be diverse, multigenerational and multicultural, also holding space for families with children and single parents.


We aim at designing the project within Permaculture design principles. Creating a sustainable culture that is good for people, animals and plants. We will use low-imprint systems of construction and prioritize the use of renewable energies, aiming at reducing our ecological footprint, and more self-sufficiency in food, energy and supplies.


We aim at creating a sustainable economic model within the community that works for everyone.
We want to create work within the community for some of its members, both in daily maintenance and managing of the gardens, retreat and healing centres, as well as offering therapies, teaching and facilitating.
We’ll draft a legal plan for the project development from the start. We will foster the local economy, share and collaborate.


We want to be surrounded by nature, permaculture gardens and edible forests, having our own healthy water supply.

We’ll build small living units for individuals, couples or families. Well conditioned for sleeping, resting and being alone. In general, the idea is to increase the shared spaces and reduce the private spaces.

We will have common living rooms and terraces, kitchen and dining room that offers healthy vegetarian meals (with vegan options), a library and study spaces, sauna and jacuzzi, workspaces…

There will be a community room with wooden floor for meditation, exercise, karate, yoga, dance, parties and performances with a set program of daily practices.


The aim is to build several high-quality spaces in which to hold different events such as retreats, workshops and festivals. (1x250m2, 1x100m2, 1x50m2) led both by community members and by guest teachers.


We aim at building sustainable accommodation for 40 participants at a time, with a varied range in price and style.


We also want this place to be known as somewhere where people can come for relaxation, therapies, massage and medical consultation.


We’d like to have a coffee shop, a bar, a shop…


After studying different options, we’re going to set up a limited company (with those members who want to invest in the purchase of the property).

We will also form a cooperative (the community), which will rent the property and run the different initiatives.

An association will allow for participation of circles of donors and friends, or people who simply like the idea and want to stay in contact.


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